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*Not available since October 1st 2010.


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Replacement warranty for recreational vehicles*

Example Claims for Replacement Warranty

What is a Replacement Warranty?

New vehicles
In the event of a total loss of the new vehicle, the warranty L’IMPACT II, agrees to replace the said vehicle by taking charge of the difference between the cost of the replacement vehicle of the current year's model and the amount paid by your automobile insurance policy (see example claims - new vehicle).

Used vehicles
In the event of a total loss of the used vehicle, the warranty L’IMPACT II, agrees to replace the said vehicle, not surpassing in value the original amount paid for the vehicle indexed at 5% per year, calculated pro rata on the number of days between the delivery date and the date of the loss (see example claims - used vehicle).

L'IMPACT II is currently the most competitive replacement warranty on the market in Quebec Province. It offers a cover period of up to 84 months, it pays the deductible in the event of partial loss up to a maximum of $250 per event. In the event of total loss it pays unlimited deductibles for vehicles worth less than $120,000. For new and used vehicles it even replaces damaged parts with original new parts (up to a maximum difference of $1500 per event). L'IMPACT II also offers up to $50 per day, tax included, to cover rental costs of a courtesy car (up to $1500 per event).

Advantages for the customer

L'IMPACT II can be sold at any moment after the purchase of the vehicle. CIME offers an evaluation service via the transactional site CIME Direct for vehicle admissibility to the warranty program and makes no exceptions concerning the mark and model of the vehicle. Commercial vehicles are also accepted and there are many more advantages!

Once the value of the replacement is established, the customer can choose the vehicle or vehicles among those eligible for protection by CIME's replacement warranty: cars, trucks, mini vans, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, mopeds, campers, caravans, fifth wheel camper trailers, tent trailers, boats and jet skis.

*Signed sales contracts and licenses must be in the same name as the warranty replacement certificate.

Advantages for the broker or representative

When you sell L'IMPACT II you are assured customer fidelity for a period of 7 years. CIME offers training courses at your or your partner's offices . These courses are given by professionals in the field of replacement warranty and are accredited 4UFC (4 units of continuous training) by ChAD (Chambre d'Assurances de Dommages) - courses available in English.

*Previously named L'INTACT. Not available since October 1st 2010.

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